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Rapid Transformation Therapy Parent/Guardian Child Intake Form
Rapid Transformation Therapy Parent/Guardian Child Intake Form
Thank you for confirming you would like me to work with your son/daughter. Please complete the following consent form to enable me to proceed. This form is essential for the safeguarding of your child and insurance purposes. I believe that everyone has the potential to be amazing, wonderful and extraordinary and what I love about working with young people is that I can help them to rapidly overcome the challenges they face in the modern day so that it serves them well for their future. This award winning unique therapy and my expertise in helping children and young people to overcome stress, anxiety, lack of confidence, depression, grief and overwhelm uses mind body connection techniques to bring back a state of balance so that they can be more resourceful, happy, confident, fulfilled and realise their true potential. I am looking forward to working with you and your son/daughter using this incredible approach.